Mobility and Stability

Falls and the resulting complications are a major cause of death in older people. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization is mentioned in Peter Attia’s 2023 book Outlive.

A few videos are below with more information and exercises. But the real purpose of this page is to hang a link to my own exercise routine, with progressions and embedded videos, both those specific to me and those published by Dr. Brian Rafool and Dr. Taylor Rafool of East Side Wellness in Creve Coeur IL.

Peter Attia video with Beth Lewis on the importance of stabilization

Peter Attia’s YT videos on DNS…

East Side Wellness DNS

About DNS at East Side Wellness…

They also use Gary Gray’s Applied Functional Science ™. I was evaluated using Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis, and some of the exercises are based on this methodology.

ESW – Klapp Crawl for Thoracic Spine Mobility