Polhemspriset 2017 | daniel.haxx.se October 17, 2017 at 05:41PM

Congratulations to Daniel Haxx, the creator of curl, for winning the Swedish Polhem Prize 2017!

From Haxx’ blog:

Virtually every smart phone has one or more curl installs. Most modern cars and television sets do as well. Probably just about all Linux servers on the Internet run it. Almost all PHP sites on the Internet do. Portable devices and internet-connected machines use it extensively. curl sends crash-reports when your Chrome or Firefox browser fail. It is the underlying data transfer engine for countless systems, languages, programs, games and environments.

Every single human in the connected world use something that runs curl every day. Probably more than once per day. Most have it installed in devices they carry around with them.

Haxx writes on his blog about making decisions to go down the right path, “…the general one: we do things open source, we do things together and we work long-term.”

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