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I went to change my print subscription for to online (so I can continue to get local news, ads, opinion.) It took a phone call, 30 minutes online; they can’t start my online access for 2 days (even though I’ve had online access for some years as a print subscriber.) And they will send me a paper bill for renewal in a year for online access? Not to mention the person on the phone was not very happy to talk to me or answer my questions. Several weeks ago, I wanted to comment online about inaccuracies in an article on the new comprehensive plan, but found that, although I’ve commented before, the system they outsource for comments wouldn’t let me log in – not as myself, not through Facebook, not through Twitter, not on any browser. Even after I contacted the publisher and let them know about the problem – no go. Very frustrating. It’s no wonder newspapers are struggling. Thankfully there are many other options for national, international and other news. I don’t mind paying for good coverage and writing. But I will miss going out and getting the paper and reading the funnies over breakfast.📰 Carol Kneedler

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